Teamwork Analytics

We develop methods to assist the formative assessment and improvement of collocated teamwork by making multimodal activity traces visible for computational analysis.

Our project aims to transform collocated teamwork, currently an ephemeral phenomenon, into a translucent phenomenon from which salient features of team interaction can be captured and rendered visible in ways that are meaningful and grounded in learning/teamwork theory. This project will be conducted in the context of simulation-based healthcare education.
We address three main objectives:

Objective 1

Identify a novel co-design methodology along with the structural templates that could be used to drive the further design process of collocated teamwork analytics with critical educational stakeholders.

Objective 2

Propose and evaluate a methodology to map out multimodal sensor data into higher-order constructs to enable measuring relevant learning qualities of skills and progression of learners as they develop.

Objective 3

Develop and evaluate a presentation paradigm to enable non-data science savvy users to get actionable insights into the findings obtained through the measurement framework.

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